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23 January 2019

Adam Lichtig Workshop Director

Adam, 35 years old, has been working on various prestigious vehicles, karts and race cars for over 25 years. Starting with racing karts in various UK championships from an early age, he soon started upgrading and modifying vehicles and engines for road and track use.

It was whilst carrying out his mechanical apprenticeship at world-renowned Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialist P & A Wood, that he met Lee.

In 2006 Adam joined Lee to help establish the newly formed engineering company, of which he later became workshop manager. Adam has become well-known and highly regarded by many clients and Porsche collectors worldwide, having worked on many significant restoration projects, specialist engine and gearbox rebuilds and providing first-class historic race support all over the world.

Adam is now Workshop Director of our re-designed and newly refurbished premises, making sure, as ever, that our clients and their cars are provided with the highest level of mechanical support and professional engineering expertise.

Email Adam: adam@maxted-page.com

Tel: +44 (0)1787 477749

Adam Lichtig