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31 July 2015

Lee Maxted-Page

Lee, 48 years old, has been professionally involved in the motor trade for most of his working life and for ten years held management positions with world-renowned Rolls-Royce and Bentley appointed distributors, Jack Barclay Limited and P&A Wood.

In 2001, Lee founded his own company, Maxted-Page Limited, which has subsequently grown from strength to strength, in the course of which dealing with some of the rarest and most valuable historic cars in the world. In 2006 he also formed, as a logical expansion, specialist engineering company, Maxted-Page and Prill Ltd., in collaboration with early-Porsche specialist Andy Prill.

Today, as one of the World’s foremost historic car dealers, Lee remains focused on maintaining the quality of service his companies provide and it is perhaps of no surprise that clients continue to rely on his in-depth experience, transparent approach and outstanding professional reputation.

Email Lee: lee@maxted-page.com

Tel: +44 (0)1787 477749

Lee Maxted-Page