Chassis #904-045

1964 Porsche 904 GTS - Stoop

Six-cylinder race engine build and race preparation

For this originally AFN supplied ex-Dickie Stoop - Porsche 904 GTS, we were commissioned to remove and preserve the original four-cam type 587/3 engine and to specifically build and install a new (F.I.A. approved) 6-cylinder, twin-plug racing engine to the correct spec of a type 901/20, which were also homologated in period having been fitted to the last cars built, designated as the Porsche 904/6.

Minimal intervention and alterations occurred by leaving in place the original four-cam engine mounts on the chassis side rails and adding only a six-cylinder engine mount to the central chassis cross-member in the original way. This way, the four-cam engine can be replaced at anytime. The suspension and gearbox and saftey systems were also fully overhauled and a full race set-up applied.  

The 904 was then issued with a Variant form to its existing Historic Technical Passport, thereby allowing it to be presented in either engine configuration for any F.I.A. competition use.

ALL recently completed