We rebuild Porsche transmissions to factory specification often with bespoke ratio configurations specifically designated for racing purposes.

The cleaning and restoration of casings by vapour blasting and (where applicable) magnesium-chromating, ensures the preservation of rare and original parts.

Whether you have an early Porsche two-piece split case 356, type 901, 911 or 915 gearbox, we can assist with all you requirements.

All original gearbox fittings and fixtures are cleaned, prepared and re-zinc plated in either clear or yellow finish depending on model of gearbox. We use factory Porsche tooling to set up and measure the installed pinion depth and crown wheel mesh.

We can also supply and fit limited-slip differentials and bespoke gear-ratio sets for specific competition or circuit use.

Maxted-Page Porsche Gear Ratio Transmission Diagram
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