Chassis # 911 460 9103

1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RS

One of Six – Right Hand Drive
The ex-Alan Hamilton / Australian delivered

Price: £POA

One of six, right-hand drive Porsche Carrera 3.0 RS Coupes ever built by Porsche.

This special group of cars form an exclusive part of a total of just fifty-four Carrera 3.0 RS Coupes built by the factory and which homologated a further-developed RS for the 1974 model year ‘G-Series’ body enabling development of the Group 4 3.0 RSR. The 3.0 RS was road legal and fitted with a 2933cc (type 911/77) 230hp single-plug engine, which was perfectly suited to either road use or for Group 3 competition and rallies. As with the 2.7 Carrera RS, its 3.0-litre successor was lightened by the use of thin-gauge steel, simplified interior with lightweight equipment and fibreglass front and rear bumpers, engine and bonnet lids. The steel front wings were widened to accommodate 8-inch-wide Fuchs 5-stud alloy wheels at the front and 11-inch rims at the rear, whilst for circuit use, 9-inch front and 14-inch rear rims could be fitted. Porsche 917 brake callipers were also fitted all round as standard equipment on the Carrera 3.0 RS, which completed the package.

Five were delivered new to the UK via AFN:
Chassis 9092 – Mexico Blue
Chassis 9097 – Guards Red
Chassis 9098 – Black
Chassis 9099 – Light Yellow
Chassis 9100 – Grand Prix White

One was delivered new to Australia via Porsche Car Distributors Pty Ltd:
Chassis 9103 – Grand Prix White  

Today, all six RHD examples still survive and each are highly cherished and tightly held within some of the best UK private collections.

Chassis # 911 460 9092 – Mexico Blue
Chassis # 911 460 9097 – Guards Red
Chassis # 911 460 9097 – Guards Red
Chassis # 911 460 9098 – Black
Chassis # 911 460 9098 – Black
Chassis # 911 460 9099 – Light Yellow
Chassis # 911 460 9099 – Light Yellow
Chassis # 911 460 9100 – Grand Prix White
Chassis # 911 460 9100 – Grand Prix White
Chassis # 911 460 9100 – Grand Prix White
Chassis # 911 460 9103 – Grand Prix White

Artwork credit: Christoph Mäeder

RHD Chassis # 911 460 9103
was delivered new to Australia on 1stAugust 1974 to Alan Hamilton of Porsche Car Distributors (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Ltd.  

Originally finished in Grand Prix White with Black interior. The car has been very well preserved in the warm Australia climate and shows no signs of any serious corrosion or previous accident damage to the bodyshell. With just over 50,000 miles recorded and well documented on file, the car also retains its correct matching-numbers type 911/77 engine no. 6840106 and 915/35 gearbox no. 784 0595.

Ownership Provenance

Alan Hamilton
1974 -

Steve Webb
1992 – 1999

John Miller
2001 - 2002

Ray Lintott
2002 - 2006

Ian Henderson
2006 – 2018  

Chassis 9103, having remained in Australia since it was delivered new, has now only recently been imported to the UK and is available for sale for the first time in many years.

Considered by many Porsche drivers to be the ultimate 1970s RS, we are thrilled to be able to offer for sale this very special and rarest of all RHD Carrera RS versions ever built.

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