July 8, 2016

How Group C is making a comeback

Throughout the 1980s, Group C pushed the technological envelope of endurance racing so far that the sport’s free spirit had to be curtailed. It was a truly magical era for drivers and spectators alike – and at this weekend’s Le Mans Classic, Group C will make a most-welcome return…

“My first experience of Group C racing was sitting in the grandstand at Brands Hatch in the pouring rain in 1982, watching Jacky Ickx winning the World Championship in a Porsche 956,” says Henry Pearman, one of the foremost enthusiasts and collectors of Group C cars. “Not long afterwards, I was taken around Spa as a passenger, strapped in by a standard road-car seatbelt. I remember thinking two things: firstly, if we crashed, then at least I died in the ultimate way. Secondly, I promised myself I’d do whatever it takes to one day own one of these cars.”

Group C Porsche Racing with Maxted-Page
How Group C is making a comeback - Maxted-Page historic Porsche

Below is a link to the full article by Classic Driver detailing the return of these cars in todays prestigious historic racing events and the involvement and support of Maxted-Page.

Author: www.classicdriver.com

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