Chassis #906-118

1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6

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The new design of the Typ 906 instigated Porsche’s path to overall dominance in world sportscar racing. At the age of 28, Ferdinand Piech took charge of the Porsche racing department and began to instil a triple doctrine of low weight, low drag and more power.

The 906, or Carrera 6, came out of the 904 project, however the body was no longer a structural member attached to a box chassis. The two-seater fibreglass 906 bodies now covered a tubular steel space-frame coupe and was refined in the wind tunnel in an effort to reduce drag, the first ever use of this technique by Porsche. The car had a very low and long protruding nose, spherical windscreen with gullwing doors and a large sloping, louvered Plexiglas engine cover forming part of the Kamm tail rear bodywork, which was which hinged at the rear end and could be lifted easily to uncover the complete engine and transmission units. The cockpit was very Spartan to reduce weight further and once the bodywork was mounted onto the chassis the Carrera 6 weighed just 620 Kgs.

Powered by a 911-based 6-cylinder 2 litre engine, equipped with twin triple-choke Weber carburettors and twin-plug ignition; output was 210 bhp. This was mated to a fully synchronized Type 906-5 speed magnesium-alloy gearbox with ZF limited-slip differential, available with six different sets of easily interchangeable gears which were all homologated along with three different final drive ratios.

Fifty-two Carrera 6’s were constructed, plus nine prototypes with six-cylinder injection and four with 2.0 litre eight-cylinder engines. Private owners could collect their new Carrera 6 race-car from the factory after paying DM 45,000.

Chassis 906-118

Chassis 906-118 was manufactured by Porsche in 1966 and sold to Sonauto in Paris on 21st March - the vehicle was finished in White. According to Porsche records, a total of six Porsche 906 were supplied to Sonauto; Chassis No’s. 107, 114, 118, 122, 123 and 139.
The first known private owner of this chassis is Franco Pilone, who competed with the car in Italy through 1968.

According to research published in the 2008 book - Porsche 906 by Jürgen Barth and Ulrich Trispel, the history for 118 is as listed below.

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Maxed-Page 1966 Porsche Carrera 6 (906-118) championship racing table
Maxed-Page 1966 Porsche Carrera 6 (906-118) ownership history

Complete with documented history file, including associated F.I.A. and CAMS historic identity forms, we are delighted to be able to offer for sale this historic racing Porsche for sale exclusively on behalf if its owners. The car has recently been imported to the UK from Australia and is available with all import duties paid.

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