Chassis # WP0 ZZZ 99 ZTS 393091

1995 Porsche 993 GT2 R

The ex Jean-François Veroux - Sodimail
1995 Le Mans 24hr and BPR Global Endurance Series & 2001-2002 Ice Pol Racing Team Spa 24hr
UK road registered

Price: £POA

The Porsche 993 GT2R was first presented to the world at the Essen Motor Show in November 1994 and proved an instant success with customers ordering all 45 cars from the initial run. GT racing had almost disappeared in the ‘80s during the Group C era. The end of that form of competition in 1992 and the suspension of the FIA Sportscar World Championship created a vacuum in motor sport. 

 The success of Le Mans and the Venturi Trophy in ’92 and ’93 laid the foundations for the launch of the BPR Global Endurance Series, run by Stéphane Ratel, Patrick Peter and Jürgen Barth, the latter also fulfilling the role of customer motorsports manager at Porsche AG. Barth saw first-hand the potential for selling and maintaining GTs based on the latest 993 Porsche, and this tied in with the necessity for the motorsports department to make a profit. The BPR series grew rapidly, even staging the first ever motor race in the People’s Republic of China at the end of ’94. Prospects for ’95 looked promising with the arrival of the McLaren F1 GTR and sponsorship from Kärcher, Tissot and Shell and underpinning all of this was a new Porsche 993 GT2R.

Chassis: WP0ZZZ99ZTS393091
Production no: 1460053
Engine type: M64/81 Number: 61T20529
Transmission type: G50/54

Optional equipment:
005 Rennsport version
084 Fast refueling system
147 TAG data logging system
427 Endurance brakes
456 Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers
459 Strut brace

Chassis #ZTS393091 left Weissach on 9 March 1995 and was delivered to the French lawyer, Jean-François Véroux, the following month. The principal aim was to race at Le Mans in June but first there was the small matter of pre-qualifying. This took place 30 April and only nine out of the 15 LM GT2 entries selected to run would go on to the race itself. Véroux and his team mates, Eric van de Vyver and Didier Ortion, struggled but a lap from Ortion of 4:22.06 was just quick enough to secure the final place, with a margin of just over half a second.

The Porsche was then entered in the Paris 1000km held at Montlhéry, the seventh round of the BPR in ’95, qualifying 18th and retiring towards the end of the race. Back at La Sarthe for the 24 Hours the 993 GT2R struggled in qualifying, and the trio started from the final row of the grid. The 24 hours race of that year has gone down in the record books, not only for dominance of the Mclaren F1 GTR, but also as one of the wettest ever, making conditions particularly treacherous and many competitors suffered accidents. Véroux, van de Vyver and Ortion took a conservative approach, which paid off and they finished in sixteenth place overall, fifth in LM GT2 and the second Porsche 993 GT2R home.

Competition History:

Pre-qualifying Le Mans
Jean-Francois Veroux

Paris 1000 Kilometres
Jean-Francois Veroux

Le Mans 24 Hours
Jean-Francois Veroux

Silverstone 4 Hours
Jean-Francois Veroux

Le Mans 4 Hours
Jean-Francois Veroux

Becar Spa Belpro
Ice Pol Racing

Becar Spa SER
Ice Pol Racing

Spa 24 Hours
Ice Pol Racing

Spa 24 Hours
Ice Pol Racing

The car was sold to Belgium in 1996 and was run by AD Sport, PK Racing and notably in 2001-2 with Ice Pol Racing who competed with it twice in the Spa 24 Hours.

In 2012 the car was then sold privately and first registered for the road in Northern France. In 2018 it was sold again and re-registered for the road, this time in Belgium. Finally, in 2020, the car was sold to the UK and registered on a UK V5C in 2021.

#ZTS393091 is a well-documented and genuine factory supplied Porsche 993 GT2R, which has been well maintained and preserved in excellent condition. Now available for either road use or competition preparation for the ever-growing Endurance Racing Legends series by Peter Auto..

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